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The team of UWA-Logistik GmbH

Scientific diving, maritime survey and the underwater archaeology is the origin of our team. First of all, Andreas Grundmann (nickname Eckbert) is with more than 30 years active professional experience in the underwater archaeology mostly responsible of the projects at side. Regardless of whether as a Skipper, instructor of the diver group or experienced diver – safety, well-being and a effective work and results for the divers, the costumer and the scientifics are the main targets for him.

He is supported by the excavator and scientific diver Dirk Hering and the scientific diver Gerald Link. Gerald is also responsible for accounting, administration, communication and human resources. The office is based in Muenzenberg in the middle of germany. The Captain of our FS “GOOR II” is Ralf-Ruediger Schumann.