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further services of the company UWA-Logistik GmbH

for rent:

Side-Scan-Sonar EdgeTech 4100 is a dual frequency 100/500 kHz system that is ideally suited for use in water depths of up to a few hundred meters. The 272-TD towfi sh is lightweight enough so that it can be deployed by one person which makes this system ideal for use from smaller boats or ones where an onboard handling system is not available. The towfi sh is equipped as standard with EdgeTech’s patented Saf-T-Link recovery system which will prevent the loss of the towfi sh if it becomes snagged on an obstacle during towing. A primary requirement is the extensive briefing of the pilot/user. Alternatively, we recommend aou survey service: we manage your projekt including, boat/vessel, manpower, additional equipement, processing and evaluating the data. Further informations download here.

Further available Equipment:

mobile office-caravan, 15 squermeters mobile, suitable for winter, office with everything you need!

tube supply for sientific diver (kirby Morgan Helmet or Interspiro Fullfacemask)

Sea-Survey with professional Multibeam (Furuno/ENL WASSP MULTIBEAM IHO 1a WMB-160S)

D-GPS Rover Septentrino NR2 with QINSy Inshore

Maritime proton magnetometer, ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) and other options are in preperation or are avalible with our partners. Pleas give us a call or send us an e-mail.



For the ship leading/captain (according to german federal law) of small boats up to maximum 8 meter length (“SBF Binnen” or “SBF See”), commercial used boats with more than 8 meters length (SSS) and commercial vessels we can offer you professionals with local experience.

ESD/AESD (European Sientific Diver) and experienced TEL (Leader of a Divers Group/Project-Manager) could be also booked true us.