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Welcome to our website!

Over the following pages you will find a lot of informations about our program, services and rental offers for the marine research, underwater archaeology, marine biology and ocean survey

About UWA-Logistik GmbH in a few words:
The company was found in 2009. In that moment two boats of the underwater archaeology in the Area of East-German Baltic-Seaside (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) have been taken over by the company. The main business is our 2009 bought and until 2012 completely renewed Survey- and diver-Vessel the “GOOR II”. The 16-meter steel-vessel has a optimized deck layout, special additional Equipment and gear on board. it is a perfect base for sientific-diver, whether it is in the shallow water (bay-waters, harbors, beachside) or off shore. our area of operations its the Baltic and the North Sea. Some of our smaller Boats are trailerable and therefore also likely for projects in the Mediterranean area.

With our vehicles and equipments we are closing the gab between the smaller boats of the  authorities and research institutes, mostly not longer than 8 meters, and the official german research vessels. Most of the research vessels at Baltic Sea are much bigger with more draught and a bigger crew is needed to run the vessel. With this they are for the most typical projects of the underwater archaeology and also for a lot of projects of other maritime research and survey unusable or to expensive.

If you are planning a project and you are looking for a professional and cheap base for your maritime work, we would be very pleased to hear from you.

We look forward to seeing you there.